So you're sitting in a conference room halfway across the building from your office. A key question previous day's sales and order completion comes up. Do you have what you need to give the team reliable key insights? Do your various databases and systems talk to each other? How long will it take to give an accurate current status?

Most of the brands we work with said they felt like they were flying blind before our partnership. Our focus and experience gives us a unique perspective on what makes up good business intelligence in today's retail world, and what will be critical moving forward. Linking key systems is part of the solution, but more importantly aligning key peer groups across the enterprise. And knowing what information is critical at different levels of reporting - and where to pull the data from - ensures right-sized detail and prevents the quagmire of deciphering too many data points. 

Stakeholder mapping and system integration work hand-in-hand. Identify the linkages critical to having the correct data streams. If you don’t know who should be part of the team, let us guide you.

Our team's experience managing and building integrated store and e-commerce businesses at major retailers (from extreme value to luxury fashion) informs our process of helping our partners get ready for their omnichannel future. Our deep capabilities to see linkages and dependencies, and integrating the various data streams speeds timelines and reduces risk. Approaching your solution from a holistic viewpoint ensures your solution will be implementable, valuable and sustainable. And will drive your omnichannel success.