When the brands we've partnered with talk about LM Global Partners, they not only recognize our innovative strategy, practical expertise and proven results. They also value the solutions we create expressly for them from a wide array of tools. But what they find indispensable is our focused partnership that drives their omnichannel strength. And their success.

The LM Global team is made up of strategic thinkers and execution experts who have lived 'omnichannel' since the beginning. We have partnered with large, global and domestic brands to map their move off antiquated systems that didn't talk to each other to new, integrated systems that tap into the data of the entire enterprise. We have helped them establish the necessary business processes that support the new model. We have solved their complex issues and coached their best practices to mitigate risk. And because our team approach builds on our cumulative experience, yet is individual to each company, we have helped them succeed.

When we say we have experience in retail, we mean it. At all levels of the organization inside and out. Before coming to LM Global, our team was inside major retail organizations. We've run stores and DCs, built and managed e-commerce businesses, sourced product, run supply chain, and have held roles as buyers, planners and allocators. And we've been on the front lines as sales associates.

“We work tirelessly behind the scenes to drive best practices in strategic planning, tailored design and executional excellence for each of our partners.”

Our perspective is built on that experience, and we know that every organization has its unique strengths and challenges. But fundamentally, our ability to balance systems, processes and teams helps guide around pitfalls and speeds the solution. Our focus is bringing that experience to your team and building your best practices. Which, ultimately, drives your success.