We all know how site-to-store has become one of the best opportunities to drive customers to brick-and-mortar locations. In the beginning, store and ecomm inventories were separated, with the website often reporting into a different pyramid of merchandising. Whether they are at a flagship store, a local (smaller) store, or shopping online or via social media, consumers demand consistency in experience and product availability. Which drove the change from 'multi channel' to 'omnichannel'. And as such, the need to give customers what they demand is critical to a uniform customer experience and business success.

How your organization plans for and executes inventory access is crucial. Having inventory exposed to consumers at a local level so they get instant access - and you save shipping - has driven store productivity and offsets some of their lags from ecommerce sales. But the true magic of an integrated brick-and-click business is when the traffic flows both ways.

“Utilizing store inventory to fulfill digital orders
translates to topline growth and productivity
opportunities. But only if your team is
organized and incentivized to support the effort.”

When web orders can fulfill in-store and stores have access to extended aisle inventories (special sizes, brands reserved for flagship stores, extended colorways and styles, etc.) drive customer satisfaction and reduce inventory redundancy. Taking advantage of this model requires strategic planning and expert implementation. And a business readiness plan that ensures associates will treat every sale - whether a physical customer or a packing slip - with equal care and service. Especially when the inventory is virtual and requires an assisted sale.

Establish an omnichannel strategy that takes full advantage of your inventories - whether in a DC, in a store or at a vendor - universally. Establish policies and workflows that revolve on customer satisfaction and best experiences in service and delivery. This is critical to your success, and the continued success of the stores across your footprint. The LM Global team has helped retailers and supplier brands optimize their systems with great results. We'd like to help your effort, too.